Sikat na artista usap-usapan ngayon matapos makipagdivorse at ikasal uli sa loob ng 3 months!

Everyone who was born in the 90s knew how popular the Taiwanese series Meteor Garden, is. We all have loved the the roles of Dao Ming Si, Dong Shancai, Hua Ze Lei, Mei Zuo and of course, Xi Men. We all had our own favorite member of F4 but we can’t deny the fact that we all loved how Barbi eHsu portrayed the role of Dong Shancai.

However, it appears that time really flies so fast! Apparently, our Shanchai has already tied the knot for the second time.

On Instagram, the couple Barbie Hsu and South Korean singer DJ Koo Jun Yup announced that they are already married.

Barbie Hsu and DJ Koo Jun Yup announced their wedding three months after the Taiwanese actress had a divorce with the Chinese businessman Wang Xiaofei.

In his Instagram post, the 52-year-old DJ revaeled that he made his move when he found out that Barbie got divorced. However, repots revealed that the they have actually dated back in the year 2000.

The Instagram post of DJ Koo as translated in English reads, “I’m getting married. I intend to pull together the knot that I was not able to complete with my girlfriend from 20-years ago.

“I heard about her divorce and searched for the number from 20-years ago to contact her on a whim. Fortunately, her number was still the same.

“We are at an age where we cannot waste away our time idly, and so I suggested that we get married and she said yes, so we will be living together after registering our marriage. Please congratulate me on my late marriage.”

Meanwhile, Barbie Hsu who is currently 45 years old wrote, “Life is uncertain. I cherish the happiness I have in the present. I thank everything that has led me step by step to where I am now.”