Anak Ng Isang Batikang Aktor Isinugod Sa Hospital Matapos Matusok Ang Mata Nito

“It’s Showtime” host Jhong Hilario quickly took his baby Sarina at the Asian Eye Institute on Monday.

Based on his Instagram story, they immediately left so that the doctor could see the condition of their baby girl after the actor accidentally pierced her eyes.

Sharing a photo of him with his daughter Sarina on his lap while talking to the doctor, Jhong talked about the incident that happened at home.

“Had to bring @sarinahilario to Dra. Michelle ASAP cause I accidentally poked her eye. Thank God for @asianeyeinstitute, they have really good doctors who specialize in babies and we feel so safe bringing her there,” he said.

After the check up, the TV host-actor was very grateful because it was okay and nothing bad happened in baby Sarina’s eyes.

“All good! Thank you, Lord her eyes are ok. No scratch. They even checked the sides and back of her eyes, everything ok!” wrote Jhong on his another Instagram story.

Meanwhile, this month will be the first birthday of Baby Sarina who was born on March 27, 2021.

On the Instagram account of Maia Leviste Azores, Jhong’s partner shared their celebration of their daughter’s 11th month.

The Hilario family had a beach getaway with their relatives based on her video post.

‘Happy 11th month @sarinahilario. Papa and Mama love you more than you will ever know,” wrote Maia for their beloved unica iha.

Meanwhile, Jhong also posted a hilarious video of their daughter where they chatted game after game.

Says the actor, “Tiktalk with my 11 month old baby. Happy 11 months my princess!”

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