Paolo Contis, Viral Matapos Makitang Kasama Ang ‘mystery girl’ Na Ito sa Baguio, Sino Kaya Ito?

Who is the woman with Paolo Contis?

This is the question of netizens in the spread photo of Paolo with a woman with her back turned, face fully hidden.

Netizens identified Paolo as the man because theey can see the side view while chatting with the woman.

They were both sitting at a table in a cozy restaurant, which based on the tagged location was located in “Baguio.”

The woman was wearing an oversized shirt, and the Kapuso actor was also wearing a simple T-shirt.

There is written text “huyyyy #spotted” in the caption, and also includes emojis laughing with tears and monkey covering eyes.

Another caption in a separate photo, “oyyyy sino to???? spill the tea sis? hahah jk.”
A source who identified himself as a Baguio native sent a message to (Philippine Entertainment Portal) about the circulation of the photo.

According to the source, he saw Paolo and the woman at that cozy restaurant on Friday, August 27th.

He can not see the woman’s face in the photo, so there is no clear information on who it is.

On the other hand, there is no confirmation as to when the exact date Paolo went to Baguio and what was the reason for his visit there.

August 18 was Paolo’s last update on his Instagram account.

Inevitably, there was a heated discussion about who Paolo could be with and how he was doing.

August 19 when the news broke that he and LJ were separated after critical netizens noticed that Paolo unfollowed LJ on Instagram.

That same day it was noticed that all of LJ’s photos were deleted from the actor’s Instagram feed.

August 22 when Paolo’s manager Lolit Solis confirmed that Paolo and LJ are really separated.

But according to Lolit, there is no third party involved in the couple’s issue, and the two want to separate properly and remain friends.

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