Ellen Adarna, Usap-usapan Matapos Sabihin At Ibunyag Ang Bagay Na Ito Sa Pagli-live In!

Ellen Adarna revealed that when it comes to dating, she always follow her dad’s number one rule, and that is to live under one roof together before you eve start talking about marriage.

“Kasi ako, yung parents ko are very not conservative. When I was 18, I was kicked out of the house.

“And that time, when I was 18, nung boyfriend ko that time, my dad suggested na, ‘Mag-live-in kayo. Get to know your partner.’

“Yun talaga ang fear niya—magpakasal kami at a very young age.

“He wanted us to get to know our partner, get to know what we want and what we don’t want.”

It also saved her a lot of times because she easily discovers the man’s attitude the moment they live together.

“I’m sanay na nag-live-in since I was 18. Lahat kasi nag-live-in na kami.

“So feeling ko, if I don’t live with the person, parang, ‘Oh my god, how will I get to know him? How will I get to know the truth?’

“Because it’s really different when you’re in the same house.”

When asked about the things that made her decide it was time to break up, Ellen has quite a list.

“There was one who would call me names, who would degrade me.

“It was a normal thing. Pati yaya nadadamay. He would throw things at my yaya.

“Nakita ko ito after seven months. Dun na lumabas.”

Added her, “I had a boyfriend, I lived in his house. And then I did the grocery, that was my part.

“In Bisaya, we call it buyboy, parang nangungwenta. Hiwalay agad!”

It also helped her developed strong independency, since she has never forced any of her former lovers to pay stuff for her.

“When it comes to expenses and bills, I pay for my own stuff kasi hindi pa naman kasal.

“I’ve never experiened na ‘Oy, you take care of the electricity and the food and that.’

“Parang it’s always with me, sa situations ko, it was KKB [kanya-kanya ng bayad].”

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